Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a monthly membership cost due to financial hardship, emotional or physical disability, or a sudden change in life situation. The Robin Hood wait list is intended for those patients who would like to be a member of this medical community but are unable to afford the full monthly membership cost.

Donations are accepted from anyone (patients, physicians, community members, etc.) who would like to support this model of care and assist in the goal of keeping this a financially viable option for those who may have financial hardship.

As donations are received, partial discounts may be available and patients will be taken from the Robin Hood wait list. Priority will be given to those patients approaching the end of their life and needing palliative or hospice care so as to enable a smooth transition to the spiritual realm.

There are options for bartering services to reduce the financial burden of the monthly fee. (Examples: vegetable shares/backyard eggs, massage, sewing, car maintenance, hunting or fishing game, petsitting/weeding/lawn services or anything you think you can offer).

This is community supported health care at its best!!!