I believe that in order to truly improve someone's health, there needs to be adequate time spent in knowing that person. By treating the whole person, the root cause of health issues can be unveiled. I take time to educate my patients so that they leave my office feeling empowered and ready to take charge of their health.

The monthly investment guarantees unlimited access to your personal physician without any hidden costs.

Direct Primary Care

  • Direct cell phone/email access to a doctor who knows you and cares about you
  • 30-60 minute visits to allow for adequate time to answer all your questions
  • Unlimited office visits - physicals, sick visits, chronic health care visits, office procedures (including but not limited to: suturing/wound care, incision&drainage of minor abscesses, cryotherapy for precancerous skin lesions/warts, skin biopsies, joint injections, toenail removal), women's health (paps, perimenopause/menopause hormone health)
  • Home visits as appropriate if homebound (travel fee may apply if > 30 minutes driving)
  • Courtesy visit at the hospital
  • LGBTQIA2S+ friendly medical care and gender affirming care
  • Deeply discounted labs, medications and imaging
  • Personalized lifestyle and nutritional counseling
  • Direct and timely coordination of care with specialists and/or hospital providers
  • Space is limited to allow for exceptional care for current patients
  • Group and business discounts available

Your current insurance can cover all other usual services including hospitalizations, surgeries, specialty care, ER visits, medications, labs and imaging.

Palliative care

In addition to being Board Certified in Internal Medicine I am also Board Certified for the subspecialty Palliative Care&Hospice. To learn more, please click here - Palliative care FAQ

Discounted Medications, Imaging and Labs

All members of the clinic will have access to deeply discounted pricing on labs, imaging and medications. Some of these prices are 10 times less than insurance pricing - very applicable to the underinsured or those with high deductible plans.